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Looking for invisible fuel tank protection


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As title says, I'm looking for invisible fuel tank protection. I'm thinking at an invisible film that would cover the most exposed (to leg rubbing) areas of the fuel tank. Would like to find a kit that comes pre-cut for a 2017 FZ07. Someone got a link for this?

All I found so far are opaque pieces.


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Go to any sign shop.  Most also do stickers and panel wraps.   They use clear film to protect the printed stickers and signs.  I got my cam chain tensioner stickers and helmet graphics printed at a local sign shop.   Been doing it for years, first one I visited had what I needed.  Probably get some scraps from them or buy just what you need for far less than buying the stuff off ebay.

I have my stickers covered with the 3M film and got some scraps to make a belt buckle guard on my XSR.   It isn't real thick for the sticker film and can be stretched and shrunken with a hair dryer to get it fitted to contours.   If there is heavier material (like the stuff they put on over the MX stickers) that would probably be better.

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