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66K, middle'in valve clearance, & upside down CCT


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On my way to the gas pump after adjusting the valves, clock ticked over 66K. Bike runs as good now as it ran when it was a young'n fresh out of the factory crate. Regular maintenance is a thing.

I've been running my valves shimmed  tight but within tolerance. This latest valve job I relaxed them all- used a mix of Pro X standard & intermediate shims to set clearance in the middle of factory specs. My butt dyno says "no benefit" from running tight clearances.

Installed the cam chain tensioner upside down, found it while idling/warming up the fluids after valve adjust. Easy enough to roll it over. I fully retracted the tensioner, but only slid the CCT body about halfway out to get clear of the chain guide. Spun it 180 degrees and pushed it back in, turned the tensioner clockwise till it made good contact with the chain guide. If you ever install a CCT, see the service manual for the correct position of the gasket.


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