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What's this plug for?


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2017 FZ07 Canada.

What's the purpose of the connector below?

Its rubber cap has kind of a slot that possibly installs over a tab but I can't see any. So where does this plug need to be stored?


Yamaha plug (1).jpg

Yamaha plug (2).jpg

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I may be 100% wrong on this, but I believe to to be the port to plug-in the OBD scanner tool? (on-board-diagnostics) I think the plug actually belongs up closer to the tail light assembly, rather than down by the battery.... If not that, it could be the "tip-over" sensor that kills the motor in the event of a crash (which I doubt). Good luck, and let us know how it turns out-

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I believe you're right, @cornerslider    I'd doublecheck, but my connector is buried under a tail bag at the moment.  They do have a black rubber cover.  Mine is positioned so the connector is in the area of the tray for the tools.  The cover doesn't connect to anything.  It's probably made to work with more than one connector.

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Its for a service tool or whatever you want to connect to the digital bus of the bike. +12V, 0V, CAN High and CAN Low

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From the information I gathered, the plug is for diagnostic. That's about what everybody was thinking.

I've been told that the connector (& wires) is to be stored under the passenger seat and that it connects to nothing (no tab to hold the rubber cover.

Thanks for your comments guys!

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