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Cleaning a MWR Air Filter

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I can't seem to find any MWR Air Filter Cleaner. Anybody either know where to find some, or know another cleaner that will work with their foam filters?

Yes, I checked Bellissimoto - they are out of stock. Heck, I will even by another filter, but I'm not finding them either.


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2 hours ago, Triple Jim said:

Wouldn't something like mineral spirits work fine?

Not sure - Paulie from Bellissimoto tried to put the fear of God in me on the need to use MWR cleaner only. He did say that it wasn't as critical on the lube. 

Back in the old days, we just used gasoline on foam filters, and then there is always soap and water. Did some digging and a lot of people are advocating mineral spirits followed up with Dawn and hot water. I think I'll try that! Thanks for the reminder!


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Triple Jim

It's pretty common for a retailer to advise the use of the products they sell.  The hard part is figuring out whether or not there's actually a good reason to to that.

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