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Exhaust leak under heavy load


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I have had this weird exhaust leak in my bike since I bought it have an unbaffled akro system. Whenever I fully open the throttle I can hear a wild exhaust leak from the front of the bike somewhere but nothing at when idling, I have replaced the exhaust gaskets and even purchased a brand new torque wrench so I could do everything up to spec with factory Yamaha exhaust gaskets and I still get the same sound it just really takes away from the sound of the bike. I'm just wondering what should I try next I feel like it might be leaking from where the first akro pipe meets the second piece 

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Could it be the sound of your intake?  I know using an air filter with more airflow will make your bike sound different especially when getting on the throttle.  

If its an exhaust leak you can usually feel it with your hand around the joints when the bike is idling and it might also have telltale black marks around the joints where the exhaust is leaking by.  A leak where the headers bolt onto the cylinder head will cause some pretty good popping on decel.

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It sounds like unmuffled exhaust and I can hear it in a different spot than the exhaust I'll have to have a look for some black marks but I believe I had a stock air filter on it when I got it and I think it still did it 

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Since you bought it used,  go to the Akro website and get the install guide for your exhaust.  The lambda adapter/plug nut is torqued to 39 N/m (29 lb/ft).  If you have the O2 sensor attached, that is torqued to 25 N/m (18 lb/ft). 

Was the exhaust subject to any damages or tweaks in a mishap?

When the bike is cold, try the old soap and water mixture sprayed onto the exhaust, checking for bubbling.

Make sure the cylinder head breather hose is attached securely and without damages.

Check the air filter bracket is snug.   


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