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RPM signal for shift light


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Hey guys, I have this Healtech shift light I am trying to get working. 

It has 3 wires: power (setup and working), ground (working) and RPM signal (not working)

I was under the impression I could pull RPM signal off the gray wire coming up from the alternator that plugs into this white plug under the rectifier, this is supposed to be crank signal. 

The shift light is not seeing an RPM signal though. Anyone have any ideas? should I pull from the coil instead? Pretty sure this CP2 motor used wasted spark? thanks. 

11-17-2023 10-47-03 AM.png

11-17-2023 10-46-48 AM.png

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This is for a non ABS 2016 FZ07 in the USA 👍

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OK figured it out...its literally the other wire...

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