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Welding on Exhaust bolts


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So I was trying to swap my stock exhaust for something with a bit more noise and I snapped one of the four exhaust bolts, there is about a centimeter showing.

I'm wondering before I try and weld a nut to the bottom I will remove the battery and ecu completely. Is there any other electronics I could be risking? Anything else I should disconnect?

Can I connect the ground directly to one of the new exhaust bolts for the least amount of distance the electricity has to run through the bike?

I've tried vice grips and a bolt extractor. If welding a nut doesn't work I will have to drill into the bolt but I risk damaging the threads...

I've also called many garages and everyone is busy or won't work on bikes ffs


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Triple Jim

I've had cases when whacking the end of the stud sharply with a hammer a couple times loosens it up enough to get it to turn.  I hit them as if I'm trying to drive it into the head like a nail.  Penetrating oil can't hurt either.  Welding to it helps get a grip, but you have quite a bit to grab with Vise-Grips already.  The heat from welding could possibly soften the steel so that when you get a wrench on a nut, it just twists the stud off flush.

Also, heat can help, as can repeated heating and cooling.  I'd start with the hammer-whack though.  Then try to turn it both ways slightly, many times.  Once it starts to move a tiny bit, the penetrating oil can get in there and loosen it quickly.

What exactly caused the stud to break?  Was the nut seized to it?

Welcome to the board, Cian!

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Also you can try hitting it with some creeping blaster and as Triple mentioned a few good wacks should hopefully get you loose. Also can try torching it with a good torch to get some heat in it.

Worst case I'd say you can drill it out and then re-tap and thread. Iv had to do that once in the past. Not ideal for sure. But the chances of you drilling it out and saving the original threads are slim in my opinion.


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M. Hausknecht

Try heat first. Heat applied to the steel stud will expand the aluminum around the stud more than the stud itself.

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