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I have recently bought a mt07 off a private seller and noticed that it’s got leds fitted to it but the back left indicator doesn’t work but the brake light below it does so im wondering why and also the front right side led indicator doesnt work but the light below it does is there a fault in the wiring or system and how could I fix it?

And also seems like the back left indicator flashes red instead of yellow when the hazards are turned on.


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Are the indicators an integrated unit or simple drop-in socket type?  Please post pics of indicators if you can.    

Is the flasher/hazard relay stock or aftermarket LED compatible relay?  The flasher relay can be found on the left side of the bike.  Pull the left side cover and you will find the relay directly behind the regulator/rectifier (the large metal piece with fins).  There you will see two relays.  The flasher/hazard relay is the one located further to the front of the bike, whereas the headlight relay is located beside it, closer to the rear of the bike.  You can tell if the relay is stock if it is completely black, with labels of Denso, made in Japan, DOT, FE246BS.  To use LED indicators and have them perform properly, you will need to replace the stock relay with an aftermarket LED relay.  They're all over flea-bay. I got mine from TST Industries.

So the problem is either faulty indicators, faulty installation, faulty connections, incorrect relay.



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