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Vizi-tec brake light modulator


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I ordered the Vizitec brake light modulator a while back and got it and figured i should do a review of it.
 I've had it on the bike for a bit now, almost a month, and to be honest most of the time i forget it's there. When i do think about it, it is comforting to know that i have a bit more visibility. My wife says that it definately catches your eye when behind the bike. I like the features that come loaded into the unit and the availability to customize the flash pattern if i felt the urge.
 Installation was as simple as unplugging the brake connector and putting the vizi-tec unit in line. It took longer to figure out where to put the unit than it did to actually put it on.
 All together i am happy with the product, i feel good about the extra visibility that this upgrade provides. For the price of this unit I believe this to be a very smart upgrade also. I think that this is something the manufacturers should be addressing anyway and wonder why they havent sometimes...
Ill try to upload a video this evening, weather permitting! :P
   Have a safe day people!

87' Honda VFR 700 F2 (sold)
03' Honda CBR F4I (donated)
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I own these as well, but I would like people to know they have other options as well. For just another 10 dollars you guys can step up to a motodynamic taillight which has modulation, brighter rear LEDs and integrated signals. If you don't like integrated signals, then just don't hook up the signals and keep your externals.
In hindsight I'm thinking they are over-charging with those supabrakes, but that was your only option last year. You guys now have options!
70 dollars gets you a modulation chip. 80 dollars gets you a brighter rear LED taillight, modulation, and optional integrated signals. Sounds like vizitec needs to lower their prices.

I visit here at least once a week.  Got any questions, ask and I will answer!

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I have the Vizi-tech and have been very happy with it. I prefer it over the Motodynamic as I like the way the stock lights "fill in" when you hit the brakes. I also like the smart flashing of the Vizi-tech. As you say though it is nice to have options.

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