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Help with m4 exhaust please


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Hello all, new here and have a question that need some help with. Have installed a M4 exhaust, everything else is stock,
however really smells like much fuel out exhaust, and have lost some torque. have ordered a powercommander for bike. I have
read that this site doesn't promote dynojet, but still could use some help if anyone has used this combination and had some success?
thanks in advance!

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I've got a Power Commander on mine with a full system Akrapovic carbon exhaust. I've had previous experience with the PCV so that's the route I went. I like being able to connect it to my laptop to fine tune settings. Also, with the PCV, you can change ignition timing (dangerous if you don't know what you're doing). I've also got the AutoTune kit but have not yet installed it. Need to get a couple of bungs welded to headers first.

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thanks for the reply, hoping all works out with powercommander, have not needed to go this route in the past but
seems to be a good product.

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