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Relocating Rear Brake Reservoir

Guest JerzieFREQ

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Guest JerzieFREQ

This thread is how to for installing the VAGABOND REAR BRAKE RESERVOIR RELOCATION KIT.  The bracket attaches to the top of the rear shock absorber and hold the reservoir just above the gearbox.
Relocation Kit:
- Mounting Bracket
- Allen head bolt
- Washer
- Spacer
Tools Needed:
1/2" Breaker Bar (Not Pictured)
1) Remove the nut holding the reservoir on currently using 8mm socket and 3/8" ratchet and unhook the line from the plastic holder
2) Since I was working alone (like most of us do) I used a 3/8" ratchet with a short 14mm socket on the bolt side (left side) of the top of the rear shock absorber.  This setup allowed me to wedge the ratchet against the rear shock absorber and frame to act as a helping hand when I loosen the nut from the other side.
3) I wrapped the clutch lever with some old undershirts so it would hold it away while i was loosening the nut on the other side.  Look at pictures and you'll know what I mean.  You could do without it but I was just being extra safe.
4) Then use breaker bar with an extension and 14mm socket at the end to loosen the nut on the right side of the shock absorber.  Then just unscrew the nut. 
At this point I would like for you to take a breath.  This is the most important, like it says above.  Whatever you do PLEASE DO NOT TRY TO REMOVE THE BOLT THAT HOLDS THE SHOCK IN PLACE.  DO NOT REMOVE THE BOLT!!  if you do for whatever reason and you're not an experienced.... you are F@&!KED.  Just sayin.
5) Now turn the brake reservoir clockwise and bring it around to the front.  Put the bolt through the front put the washer in the back and then the spacer.
6) Now screw it into the bracket which already has threads for the bolt.
7) Line up the bracket onto the shock absorber bolt.  and put the nut on hand tight.  With one hand hold the bracket close to the gearbox so that the bumper keeps in touch with it.  With the other hand use your 14mm socket, extension and ratchet to tighten it down.  (it should start spinning in place)
8) Now go back to the left side to check up on your helping hand.  Flip the switch the opposite way because now we'll be fully tightening down the bolt and nut.
9) ***Another important step*** It is time to torque down the bolt and nut.  I contacted Vagabond regarding the torque specs and they said it was 32 ft-lbs.  (I have it setup wrong in the pic btw) Then start to torque it down in a smooth steady motion.  Do not be jerky at this point.  Also don't bounce too much on the thing after your torque wrench clicks. lol
10) At this point your helping hand will be stuck on the other side.  No worries just use a wrench as leverage and just pry it down.
11) I remembered that i didn't fully tighten the nut that actually holds the reservoir.  Just some advice: always go back over your work and double check.
12) Finally sit back and relax.  You are all done and ready for a ride and a cool drink.  This may look like a long process but took me about 30 minutes and only that long because I was taking pictures for this "How-To"
On a personal note I will just share some thoughts.  I was originally going to remove the passenger footrests for a more sporty look but I will keep them on for the time being.  I will however try to fabricated a way to use that extra hole now to mount a GoPro.  I think it would be amazing to have an above shot while riding the bike.  Sort of like a birds eye view.  I have some random metal pieces laying around the garage and basement.  So I will use those to make something sturdy and not shaky.  Let me know what you guys think.  Open to all opinions and ideas. Cheers.  :)
***** UPDATE 5-30-2015 *****
I went to the dealer to have my first service done.  After relocating the brake reservoir the hose is higher than the actual reservoir.  This could potentially trap air in the line.  The technician working my bike was very kind and offered to cut the extra length of the hose to make it lower than the reservoir.

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I used the the same kit, and although a little pricey for the components, it is well made and does the job nicely.
Yesterday, I added a little bling too. ;)
[attachment id=341" thumbnail="1]

Why can't left turners see us?

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I almost wish I hadn't seen this because now I must do it...

(But seriously, thank you for providing such a detailed tutorial and for highlighting the SUPER important stuff that an idiot like me shouldn't touch!)

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Whoosh….that’s the sound of this going over my head. I just don’t get it, why would you want to put the master cylinder reservoir where it would soak up heat from the engine? So this is just a cosmetic change? 

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