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Evotech Tail Tidy with Bags

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Does anyone have experience with the Evotech Tail Tidy?  It seems to be the best one I can find - it doesn't have their logo, it has nice LED license plate light.  If I install this, is there also room for some bags?  
Also do I need those turn signal spacers if I wanted to install some aftermarket turn signals?
Thank you

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The Evotech, along with several other tail tidys, do seem to give off a bit of interference making it incompatible with many brands of luggage...hard or soft. I know this looks to be the case with Hepco & Becker products, just by taking a quick look at the installation instructions.

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I had the Evotech one on my bike. Didn't work so well with my Hepco & Becker C-bow bags. Probably Need to fab up my own to work with my bag setup

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