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Bar end mirrors for 7/8 bars


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Just sent off and received a bar end adapter from Rhinomoto. Screws in the end of my bars and is recessed so the bar end mirror will clamp on. Was checking the mirrors and the only ones I can find are the crg mirrors for about 60 or 70 dollars.  And I already got about 70 in the adapters, not sure if I want to go another 70.
Just wondering if there are cheaper mirrors that fit the 7/8 bar size.  
I have a pair of bar end mirrors that I took off my old bike, (the cheap ones) the just expand and fit in the end. My problem with this is that I have lost the nut the screws in and expands to make the mirrors fit. And it looks like a standard size nut that several brands have. So, I can either break down and have about 130 or 140 in mirrors, or find a 5$ nut and sell the rhino adapters.
Anyone help would be appreciated...

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