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How to wash a fabric jacket


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Its that time of the year when all fabric jackets need to
take a bath to remove what's left of dead bugs, grime and sweat for years of good services. The process is
really very easy and takes about 10 minutes of your time.You will need a 5 gallon bucket and some laundry soap.
First, take your jacket and empty all pockets, and if some
are water proof, pull them out.Remove elbow, shoulder and back padding or armor, as well as
the liner.In the bath tub, pour warm water in the 5gl bucket and add
the soap. Mix well.Once the bucket is 1/2 to 3/4 fill, dip in your jacket. Pull
it out some and dunk it a few times. Let soak for a good 30 minutes, but longer might even be
better if you haven't washed your jacket for a few years.After the time has elapse, remove the jacket from the bucket
(the water should be very dirty), and put
it at one end of the tub. Then empty the bucket and rinse it. Place the jacket back in the empty bucket and add warm water
over it. Let the water run in the bucket as you pull the jacket out and back in
the bucket, until the water in the bucket come out clean.Now, pull the jacket out and hang it somewhere. It's
going to drip a lot for a while, so plan where you are going hang it before you
even start the wash process.

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Thanks for taking the time to post this very helpful plan to wash a fabric jacket. I noticed that
the two jackets I use on my FZ-07 are both filthy on the backs. I am not sure if it is the ridiing
position, fender, or chain guard related. I never had jackets get this grungy on my CBR600RR.
The fun torque of the FZ-07 is worth the extra grime on my jacket.

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May want let it drain for a while on a flat surface before hanging it to drip. Although that advice is more relevant to garments made from more delicate fabrics.

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the two dayglow jackets that I have did not have any care instruction labels(Bilt and SixthGear) so I tossed them into the washer on bulk setting with a couple of Tide pods and let it go. They came out ok so I hung them out for air drying. Neither are waterproof so I didn't worry about damaging any protective coatings. 

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