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Over the weekend I installed a full carbon Terminoni exhaust on my FZ07.   The bike has exactly 597 miles on it. I have it in the garage right now to do the 600 mile service and some other things so it was a good time to put it on. I actually ordered the exhaust back in the fall from a company called Omnia Racing in Italy. I saw on this forum where someone else bought from them and had good luck. I had the same good experience. I was trying to time when the dollar was strong against the Euro and it seems like I bought at a good time as I paid just under $700.00, shipped.  Currently to buy one from them is about $735.00 with the currency conversion.  You can buy form them on ebay, but they are going for almost $1000.00  The website is a little difficult to navigate as part way through the ordering process it changes from English to Italian, even if you click English.  I just used google translator and was able to muddle through.  Before placing the actual order, however, I emailed Omnia and received a very nice, prompt reply from who I believe is the owner.  We emailed back and forth several times before I placed my order.  He was very accommodating.  I would definitely recommend ordering from them.
The exhaust install itself was pretty simple/straightforward.  I can't remember if this is either the third or fourth termi I've put on a bike I've owned (R6, FZ6, etc), but the hardest part about installing a Termi is usually getting the clamp around the actual muffler and then bolting it to the mounting point.  This bike was no different, and was possibly the worst, just due to the odd shape of the muffler itself.  
I am in Indiana and people were asking for arks for Christmas it has rained so much.  Now it's getting to be normal, cold December temperatures.  So, I won't be riding it much if at all.  However, I did of course have to listen to it with both included baffles, and with no baffle at all.  I don't know for sure which baffle, if any, I will run in it full time. I'm thinking either the street one or the track one, but it sounds much improved in any configuration over the stock exhaust.  No matter which baffle I had in or out, it experienced no hesitation when revving it while sitting on the stand.  I don't anticipate that will change when riding it, but I could be wrong. 
I have not been around another FZ07 with any other exhaust on it.  For that matter, I have not been around any other FZ07 at all.  Anyway, I cannot say how this exhaust sounds versus any other brand.  I am sure they all sound quite well on these bikes.  I am just a fan of Termis because I've had several of them and enjoyed the sound and also because a lot of people don't have them anymore.
I likely won't be taking it for a decent ride for several months, so I won't be able to report back how sounds or performs under normal riding conditions.  At this time, I do not plan on getting a tuner or having the ECU flashed. 
I just wanted to share my experience with Omnia Racing and the Termignoni itself.  Let me know if you have any questions

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I believe the standard, canned response to this is "thread useless without pics". *grin* And an audio track.
Since you have extra time before riding season I believe you owe us a video of you doing the install for the HOWTO section. Be sure to refuse any requests from @gregjet to section your headers and take measurements so he can discern the secrets therein.
In all seriousness thank you for the post. I too have ordered from Omnia for some things that weren't available State-side.
Now go out there and find yourself some FZ07 owners. Convert them from inferior machines if you must.

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I was afraid someone might ask for pictures. I don't know how to post them on here without a photobucket account or something like that, and I don't have one of those. As for audio, any of the samples I've listed to on a recording never do the exhaust justice. Whether it's the computer speakers, internet connection, recording equipment, whatever, I've never really found it useful. That being said, I did take a recording of all four exhausts (factory, street baffle, race baffle, no baffle) on my phone and the results were exactly as expected.
I don't think I'll be doing any sectioning of my headers lol. I lowered my handlebars just a tad, and now next on my to do list is checking the throttle body sync and then attempting to make a radiator guard. I got the idea of using expanded metal from a different post I saw on this forum. This forum has been pretty helpful and inspiring to me so far so I thought I'd share what information I have

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I was afraid someone might ask for pictures. I don't know how to post them on here without a photobucket account or something like that, and I don't have one of those.
[ol type=decimal][*]Go to http://www.imgur.com[*]In the top-right corner, click "sign up" [*]Enter in a username, email (can even be fake e.g. fakeEmail69@gmail.com - no verification is required to use account), and password and then create account[*]in the top right corner, click on your username and then "images"[*]On the right-hand side click "computer" and upload pictures[*]Click on the images you want to post and copy the "direct links" into this forum
I just created an account "donglord69LOL" and uploaded the first FZ pic I could find to prove this is possible. Takes <5 minutes to create an account and upload exhaust pics, and then you can use the account for future postings. WE NEED THEM!!!
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