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Alternate Throttle Body Sync Tool Fluid and Procedure


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Using the service manual and many of the tips I've read on this forum, I'm performed the throttle body sync procedure on my FZ07 this weekend. The weather has turned from wet to frozen, so I've been doing much work to the bike lately.
I won't make a new post about the procedure as that has been covered very well and extensively elsewhere on this forum. I will clarify as I have seen several questions regarding which throttle body to not adjust and which throttle body to adjust. As you are sitting on the bike, you do not adjust the left throttle body. You do adjust the right throttle body.
I made a manometer myself as many other folks on this forum have done. However, being a good ol farm boy, I chose to use agricultural diesel for my fluid. I believe diesel would be less harmful to an engine than ATF, and ag diesel is dyed red, so that makes it easier to see in the manometer. Also, it is a pretty thin fluid, so that should aid in accuracy. I attempted to convert 10 mmHg to inches of diesel, and came up with about 6.25. I am no mathematician, so I talked to someone much smarter than myself, and they agreed that I converted it correctly.
As for the procedure, I removed all the plastic, but not the tank itself. Even with long needle nose pliers, I just couldn't get in there and still see well enough to connect tubing with the plastic still on. After removing the plastic, however, I was able to connect and disconnect the tubing very easily using long needle nose pliers.  In hindsight, once you've removed the plastic once, it's really not all that bad.  As for adjusting the actual screw itself, I did not need an angled driver or anything special other than a long, thin flat head screw driver. I went in from the top, almost next to the tank, and was able to turn the screw quite easily.
Finally, as has been mentioned on here before, I'm not sure how necessary this procedure really is. My bike has 597 miles on it, so I was doing the oil change break in and other projects and decided I'd do this. However, after getting in there and playing with the adjustment to see how it affected things, I think it would have to be way, way out of adjustment in order for it to make a noticeable difference. That being said, I did adjust mine to the point where my homemade manometer was completely level, well within the converted 6.25" of diesel.

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