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The PUIG Sport windscreen revisited.


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At the outset, understand, I'm not interested in the common understanding of a "windscreen," one that would keep the wind off me.  I had a Yamaha "flyscreen" on my 07 for a little more than a year, but decided I wanted a bit more coverage to keep crappola off the back of the instrument pod, etc.  So, I opted for a PUIG Sport.  I have read that some have had some fitment issues but I didn't consider this an issue, or probably wouldn't be.
The screen arrived with the mounting brackets assembled onto the screen... that, and the instructions made the installation perfectly clear.  However, I immediately discovered that when the brackets were installed on the bike, the screen didn't align properly.  I could have rebent the brackets slightly but since the Yamaha screen brackets were still on the bike and I could see I really preferred a little different mounting angle for the PUIG that its brackets would allow, I opted to fabricate my own brackets to mount to the Yamaha screen brackets and set angles/location to better suit.
One thing I didn't like about the Yamaha screen was the gloss black which didn't go with anything else on the bike--too much variation and too little "theme."  So, I opted to get a black PUIG and paint it a color that fit better with all the gray on the bike (a modified blurple).  I found I liked VHT's "Black Pearl" and painted the new shield and my mounting brackets in that color.  Since this is a 650-degree hi-temp paint I also painted the factory, exhaust heat-shield to add more of this color to the bike.
I considered reshaping the top of the PUIG to eliminate the "Batman" ears and perhaps round the center "point" a little but having made a mock-up I decided it did not warrant the effort and time it would take to do so.
Hence, here are: a pic of the custom brackets, and a couple pix of the installed brackets and shield.  You will note that I made the bracket rather large to add a little more front and side coverage to that offered by the PUIG.
Imho, it's okay for now... in another year of so, I may decide to simply make my own from aluminum from scratch... who knows.

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