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Steering damper?


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Was engaging in some...er..."spirited riding" this weekend and crested a rise, leaned over on the power and had some head shake. Not a full blown tank slapper but not far from it.  Anybody else experience this yet?
My front end does feel a little nervous and I was chalking it up to soft/basic suspension.  I'm also gonna check the torque on the steering head bearings...I haven't done alot of wheelies...yet...but that may be an issue.
I have a couple old, like 80's vintage, dampers laying around the shop I'll try to fit up but really think a GPR/Ohlins is the way to go. Anyone fitted a steering damper yet?  What kind?
Also, I'm not ANY kind of suspension/setup guru but think the bike could really benefit from dropping the front a couple mm and raising the back.  May be another how to in my future.

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not yet, but a few of my friends that track a lot says it would benefit from riding my 07, at the moment though...gpr has my bike at prototyping a mount for the damper, ill keep you posted as soon as i get it back and hopefully the wabababababababah will go away lol

2015 Pearl White FZ-07
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