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Anyone have a pic of a relocated dash?


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I know someone out there did this.  In the recent issue of Motorcyclist Magazine there is an article about an FZ-07 that was race prepped, including the dash relocation.  There was no picture of this though.  The company that did the mods does not have the piece on their site.  Just wanted to know how it looked and if it would work with a wind screen.

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Someone with some skill and a machine shop re did his recently, forget who it was but I'll try and find the thread.
Found it under tech tips:
Relocated my instrument panel, let me know what you think!
by albofz07
Read more: http://fz07.org/board/5/yamaha-fz-07-tech-tips#ixzz4Lw3qqclw
There's also this:


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For me, to still have relatively easy access to the ignition, I could not move it enough to be worth the bother, i.e., in terms of greater/easier visibility.

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