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Delkevic Full Exhaust HELP NEEDED


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Just installed my Delkevic full exhaust (baffle in and snorkel out), K&N Air Filter, and EJK Fuel Controller. It sounds great and runs fairly smooth but I get very occasional high accel pops, and somewhat light but often pops on decel (more so at low RPM). My current settings on my EJK fuel controller are as follows:
G:5 Y:4.5 R:3 GB:3 YB:3.5 RB:3.5
Anybody running same setup and maybe have found a good tune setting, would definitely appreciate the help. Thanks!

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I have ordred the same exhaust. I spoke with the people at Doebeck performance and they said they do not currently have settings for Delkevic but they recommended the Marthy settings which uses a Delkevic exhaust or the arrow with is a similar high mount. You can get the settings from there site.

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