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Ermax 39 cm sports screen


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Wanted a screen both for looks and function and choose this one in grey tint.
Very easy and can be done with the tools under the seat.
Doesn't feel flimsy or vibrate while riding.
Moves the onset of wind from waist high to just below the shoulders for me (average size 180 cm) and by that reduces the cooling effect a lot and it matters in Sweden in october :).
No extra head buffeting or other unwanted effects noticed, rode 210 km in 7C degrees today.
I like it, mine is grey tint but a lot of color options is available

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I got mine on Friday from Moto Machines in Sterling VA (he's a site vendor) and 25 miles from my door. I was up at Dulles dropping a friend off at the airport so it was just a slight detour up RT28. I got the gray color as well.
I must say it works very well. I was comfortably and unintentionally doing 75mph and didn't have any tug or blast feelings like I used to have before with no screen. No 'wind roar' either unlike the Conquistador shield @2wheeler has on his. In fact it was so (relatively) quiet I actually rode without ear plugs so I could hear my engine better to shift. And I never ride without ear plugs.
I'm 5'11 and the negative of the screen is that since the blast hits higher up on my chest I get a lot of updraft in my helmet - flowing past the breath guard. I wear contacts and that air stream will dry my eyes up pretty quick so for me, I'll need to go find the chin curtain. If you don't have a close fitting breath guard then it may not be the least bit objectionable.
My screen is either drilled slight askew or more likely the ABS bracket is off such that the one edge is tight against the signal pod while the other is a little more than 1/8" away. I think I would have preferred a largish rubber washer instead of the small plastic one under the bolt head but I'm nit picking.
The Lexan is a healthy 3mm thick and very stout.

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You left out the important details! Can you tell us where you purchased it from, cost, model, etc.? 
I got mine from a dealership here in Sweden, still happy with it. I havn't noted any updraught into the helmet. My head is in clean airflow when I ride but the backpressure is significantly reduced.
Model is in the subject line of the original post.
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Guest 2wheeler
No 'wind roar' either unlike the Conquistador shield @2wheeler has on his.
Just for the record, the "Conquistador shield" is a Dart Manta, and there is no "wind roar" at all when you are 5'6", and it works great  8D  
It does sorta look like a "Conquistador shield" though :D
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