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 Well I recently purchased a EJK from Dobeck with the forum discount which was nice. I have a Delkivick full exhaust which actually ran fine without a controller, no backfiring or popping but I wanted to take advantage of the exhaust and see if I could make some more hp. One problem I encountered was that Dobeck has done no testing with Delkivick so they didn't really have any settings. They suggested going with the arrow settings which is a similar looking exhaust. So that is what I did, I also removed the air box snorkel and since the exhaust came with a nice brass plug for O2 sensor I just removed it from the bike as opposed to just  unscrewing it. I am impressed with the results so far. I feel more torque in all areas and find it harder to keep the front wheel down. Also it is much easier to take off in first, before I would occasionally stall the bike until I learned how much gas I needed to give it, now I don't even need to give it gas. The biggest change is the top end. Before I could not seem to get the bike over 115 mph and it totally ran out of breath when it did get there. today I was going 123 mph and it was still climbing , I only backed off because I thought the wind was going to take me off the bike! The only negative I found was quite a dip in my fuel economy. I used to avg 60 pretty consistently and if I really got on it maybe low 50's . I topped the gas today and was a little shocked to get 43 mpg. To be fair I was pushing the bike for all it was worth so I am not too worried I will get more accurate averages after my right wrist relaxes a bit . Overall I love it! and highly recommend anyone on the fence to get one. 

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