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Clip-ons in Europe


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I've been thinking of installing clip ons such as the woodcraft ones. The thing is, living in Europe, buying the woodcraft adapter plate or the Suburban Machinery handlebar ends up costing as much as 400$ with shipping and taxes ... I've contacted a guy who makes parts for custom bikes that could make a handlebar similar to the Suburban machinery for just 100 bucks, but I have also found this:
what do you think about it? (regardless of the colour). The central bar might be a little bit too short, but that would be easily replacable ...
Thanks for your opinions guys ;)

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AliExpress is a Chinese company. I don't think I would like to buy something from them that:
A) Is integral to the support & stability of the motorcycle
B) You might have to do some jerry-rigging to make it fit the FZ-07
I would go with the custom-made local solution you talked about if I were you. Can't be that much more and assuming you go to the right place you know it will be done well the first time.

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I agree with @AlbatrossCafe. It is not worth skimping on something as important as handlebars. I would definitely go with the local option.

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