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crash bobbins?


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do these actually work?
I've read that these can have a negative effect if caught on curb etc and causing more damage.
I was thinking of making a crash bar based on the cage but stick out a little further just beyond the highest point on the fairing.
once or twice I missed my footing and toppled over and crash bars saved the day.
we all know what damage can be caused if the bike falls over!
soo what is the verdict on these?

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I have just OES frame sliders and they have saved my bike more than once. I think protection like that is good for lower speeds but anything over 40 mph who can predict what would happen. That one would be better than just the pucks since it has 3 points of contact.

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I have the oem motocage on my FZ @johnakay and it def did its job well when I baby lowsided a month ago. It didn't even get scratched except on the puck slider part. I happen to just really like how it looks against my white fairings. I would hope to not ever have to find out how fast of a hit it can take and protect the bike lol

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