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So after 17k I started the upgrade process. I'm removing the front fairings to create a super naked meaner looking bike.
JT Sprocket 45t (+2)
Drilled Exhaust (4x 1/2" holes, 3 1/4" holes surrounding exit pipe and exit pipe has been cut off at the muffler housing)
Doebeck Performance EJK
Air snorkel and plate removed.
The idea is gonna be budget build quickness . It's already much quicker and more fun to wheelie and hooligan around for sure.
The smoothness and power delivery are very linear and a torque and power increase is noticeable .
I've modified settings for this setup that work super. With the gearing now roll on acceleration is stupid quick and smooth. Power up in 3rd, clutching in 4th. 1st and 2nd are super fun , and it's cruising so much better now.
Next for the build will be a horsepower airbox. My exhaust sounds fine, and what the bike lacks is the top end which apparently the hordbox can remedy a bit even with a drilled exhaust I would assume, , if i feel a severe drop off I'll go with an MIVV exhaust since their full systems are cheapest/best cheaper brand quality imo

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