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So the thread the other day about bike covers got me thinking as well as seeing a bike with a mini cover the other day. Also at end of work I would turn on the bike and see an air temp of 100+. So I went looking online for a half or bikini cover.  Had a free shipping coupon for Motorcycle Superstore so I started there then checked the remainder of the cycle store online. Most had similar items at similar prices. I ended up ordering from MS b/c of the coupon. I ordered Friday night and it got here today. I ordered the Nelson Rigg UV-2000 Sport/Touring half cover $26.99 and size medium. Good thing it was free shipping b/c the box they sent it in was 3x the size of the actual box.
First Impressions: The cover comes in a nice "fannypack" style carry bag, not that I'll use it, but its nice. The cover is silver with spandex around the bottom. Very easy to put on once you figure out the front and back. It has pull tabs that you can hook on the footpegs to keep it in place. There is enough length to go around the front headlight and around the stock license plate tail. 
The cover does fit in the tail section under the rear seat, tight but it fits. I'll add to the post over the next few days of actual use.

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Correct, this is just for parking lot at work that has no shade at all. At $30 this works great for my purpose. For overnight apartment style parking I would suggest a full cover that has locking cable.

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