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ECU Map for IXRACE Z7 Exhaust


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Has anyone had any experience with this exhaust and an FZ07?
I don't mind running it on a dyno, but I have a tuner and it would be easier to start with a map for the exhaust. I ran it with the baffles in and it sounds throaty, but it sounds much better with the baffles out. I don't have much pop from the exhaust on deceleration, but I am a little worried about the new amount of air flow with the baffles out since the bike already runs lean from the factory.

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Ok, you can apply Power Commander fuel maps (.pvm files), but I'm not sure whether it also applies the PC ignition maps. Video shows it (at 10:00 mins):

You can get FZ07 PC maps from the dynojet's website. I would suggest just choosing something similar to your setup (it won't be far out if you just have a freer flowing exhaust):
The PC maps also include ignition maps, if you view that it ma give you something to start your ignition adjustments from. You may need to view this using PC's software, download here:
Let us know how you go.
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