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Yamaha fz 07 headlight fender-beak


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Hi, i accidentally saw on instagram one fz07 with a headlight fender just like the mt09 street rally has .. I searched it and i found that a guy in thailand makes them for 35$ (not 100% sure for this). Whats your opinion?? Nice or not? There is gonna be a high temperatures problem, because it blocks a part of the air that  goes to the radiator??
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I would be surprised if it affects the radiator air flow to any noticeable degree. I think otherwise it is a matter of personal taste. I am not a fan of beaks on bikes, but if you are I say go for it.

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It pairs well with that wind screen, but I'm not a fan of beaks. If I had that wind screen and was a fan of beaks, then I'd be all for it.

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