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eBay mirror extenders


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I ride mainly in heavy urban traffic and need to be aware of my surroundings all the time, have felt a problem with the mirrors that show me my arms unless I move them out of place.
Ordered a set of these...
and mouted them today.
Good, what you get is two extenders, two bolts and two washers.
Tools you need, 17 mm spanner and 8 mm Allen tool
Release the locknuts with the spanner, the right one is treaded backwards
Rotate the entire mirror to unscrew it, again the right goes the "wrong" way
Mount the extenders in the holes the mirrors left, look carefully at the treads to make sure you put the left treaded one on the right, this is when you need the 8 mm Allen.
Screw the mirrors into the extenders until they bottom out.
Snug the locknuts on the mirrors to get the right resistance for adjustability.
Makes all the difference, getting them out a little enables me to see past myself without moving my arms, the also come up half an inch and closer into view.
Well it looks better without them to my eyes but I willingly trade that for the improved function.

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Guest 2wheeler

I've been using what I assume is the same extenders for about 3000 miles, and they are great! This is the one that I got (probably all made in the same Chinese factory):
What really made the difference with these is when I added a 2" round blindspot mirrors in the upper outside corners. Once you get use to it, you do not need to turn your head to look backwards at all.

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Those two links are to not-quite-identical products. I have the ones 2wheeler does, slightly prefer the way they look on the bike, and am also very pleased with how much they improve my vision (even without bullseyes added - I don't want to lose the habit of turning my head).

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