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MT FZ 07 aftermarket sportier handlebars/rearstets


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Hello guys,
[span]    I am looking forward to buy an aftermarket handlebar and rearsets. I hope you will give me examples of some which give an more agressive position (by this I mean: handlebar lower, more forward, rearsets more to the back). I am 6'1 btw (1.84-1.85m).
[/span]Thanks in advance :D

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I have drag bar and Driven racing TT rearsets and find them to be just the right amount of sporty. Of course it may take a little experimenting to find that sweet spot.
Paulie under the tag of "pgeldz" also covers quite a few options and finer details. He was instrumental in helping me decide which direction to go with rearsets.
Scroll down just a bit to find his lengthy post....

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