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Woodcraft clipon review

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Woodcraft clip-on riding review.
Today I wrote about 80 km round trip to Sogod, Cebu, Philippines. It was my first chance to really ring out the clipons. I had taken a couple of short rides and to be honest, at first, I found them a little bit too aggressive in riding position. At least for this 70 year old body. ?. Today's ride changed all that. It takes a little getting used to but the riding position is really perfect for good sharp handling and fast cornering. Once I had about thirty kilometers under my belt I fell into a rhythm. I stopped squirming in my seat to find a comfortable position and my shoulders fell into a natural slouch. I discovered that I really like a front end biased riding position. I experienced an increased road feel, and the DDC emulators I had added previously took away any jarring and harshness. The front fork emulators (Cogent DDCs) along with the handlebars make it an entirely different motorcycle and it's for the better. More weight on the forks and a lower center of gravity just makes everything benefit. And this is with the 1.5 in Brackets in the upright position. when I got home I wasn't particularly more sore than ever when coming back from a ride, the only thing is my arthritic neck bones tend to complain while on the bike but with exercises and practice that will go away. And that could be contributed by the fact that I'm using a very heavy Bell modular helmet.
I just want to add that the riding position does not put too much weight on your arms or shoulders, especially if you understand the technique of using your knees to grasp the tank in braking or cornering, I will consider getting some tank grips to augment this control. In addition vibration is more noticeable since the bars are short and have no bar end weights, but on a long ride there was no numb hands or discomfort. I need to qualify that by saying I bypassed the stock rubber vibration mounts previously, noted here: https://fz07.org/post/105717
My previous handlebar mount mod
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I'm curious, are you running rearsets with the Woodcrafts?
not yet. Leaning more forward and down with my long legs 34"inseam, seems to throw my butt back farther and my knees actually seem less bent, I judge this by where they now fall on the tank. But I did add Tank grips which make controlling your posture and the bike much better in a more aggressive riding position. 
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