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Couple of mirror reviews.......ne wpics added 8/3/2017


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I started out getting rid of my stock mirrors as they as you know are just FUGLY. I don't like bar end mirrors because they force me to look downwards keeping my peripheral vision off of whats ahead of me.
I decided to try this type out and currently have them on the bike. While they look good. There is no adjusment pivot on them so they are very hard to dial in just right. Plus I had to get some extenders so I c an see past my elbows a bit.
Price was cheap enough. I think I paid less than $20 shipped on ebay and the extender was only about another $10. I do like the look of the mirrors but not having the pivot point to fine tune them in is why I want to change them.
I am going to try these next. I'll post what I think of them when I get them on. These were $18 shipped on Amazon.

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I had the first ones also and although I thought they looked good, I didn't like how I couldn't see what was coming up beside me in other lanes so I went with the convex, CRG Lane Splitters (expensive, yes, but worth it). Just throwing that out there in case you weren't aware of them. 


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Good thread, the stock mirrors are ugly but function well. If you come across some bikemaster feather tube mirrors I would be interested in seeing how those look and fare. they are roughly 30-40$ but can't find any pictures with them on any fz or naked bikes in general. Tried getting a set that was missing the Harley adaptors off eBay from a seller, used, offered 15$, but didn't bite lol.

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