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MRA Spoiler Screen first impressions


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Been waiting like 2 months for this to be released. Ordered it from Twisted Throttle for about $130. I was told all tints are the same price, so I went with the dark smoke. Here's what it looks like installed:
Here's a brief overview of installation:
Came packaged very nicely.
Remove the front 4 bolts and put the included brackets underneath, then re-use the stock bolts.
Put the included rubber thingies (qty. 4) into the holes of the brackets you just mounted.
Position the screen over the holes, and put the included washer on the included screw then put both through the windscreen into the mounting brackets.
When you tighten up the mounting screws, the rubber thingies will expand and secure the screw/bolt in place behind the screen.
Voila! All finished. There was a piece of rubber and 2 small plastic clamps that came with the screen as well. I think you're supposed to put this over the edge of the screen somehow. I couldn't get it on there easily, so I just left it off. The edge doesn't feel sharp or anything.
Here's a before:
And after:
Key clearance is good. I have the Bruudt bracket with RAM short socket and X-grip on my instrument cluster, so my opening is even smaller than normal. I'm still able to squeeze my hand in there without gloves on. It's the knuckle protectors that get in the way. Men's medium glove for size reference.
Screen height from the back. My phone mount peeks over the top of it just a little bit.
And a side shot, perspective is from me kneeling on the ground here:
Previously, I had the Givi A2118 screen, which I liked quite a bit. I just like the look of this MRA Spoiler Screen a lot more. After riding with it for about 100 miles, I feel like they block about the same amount of wind. Which is not a whole lot really, but it just kind of moves the wind off my torso and onto my head. Makes my arms and shoulders less tired. Makes the ride a bit noisier with more wind up near my helmet though. Trade offs. 
Overall, pretty happy with it so far. I've only ridden about 100 miles, so can't really give a review, but these are my first impressions of the screen.

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Nice write up.
I haven't seen a single screen that looks like it belongs when installed on the FZ-07. This ones looks better than many though.
How are the vibrations at speed?

Just shut up and ride.

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Nice write up. 
I haven't seen a single screen that looks like it belongs when installed on the FZ-07. This ones looks better than many though.
How are the vibrations at speed?
Only had it up to 55mph so far. No vibrations that I could notice. I will try take ye ol' interstate this weekend and find out how it fairs. Seems quite secure though. 
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If you want to try an experiment.
Make some spacers for the rear screws bout 10 to 15 mm to go between the screen and the bracket. Also appropiate length upper screws, get a rubber washer to go under all 4 outside screw heads ( to allow a bit more compliance and protect the screen around ) .
This should angle the whole screen a bit more upright and may be enough to lift the upper flow higher and ( maybe over your head). If it doesn't work just return it to spec. If it does you won't notice that it has been hanged unless you know.
That design looks like it moves a fair bit of the flow sideways. With a bit more angle , it may move more of the flow there AND angle the upper flow higher.
Cheap and easy mod.

Go forth and modify my son...go forth and modify...

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I have the same screen - impressions are very much the same and very good. It's nicely made and install is a snap. Does make it a bit hard to reach in to the key with gloves on when I have my GPS hiding back there. But then, it also protects the GPS from bug spats.
Yep, trade-offs.
Not noticed any handling issues or movement/vibration - only been up to about 90 mph, can't vouch for triple digit speeds.
And yeah a short screen will always create more noise than if the bike were nekkid. That's inherent with having a short windscreen on any bike, even fully faired - and i've had a few; 1982 R100RS BMW, 1996 K1100RS BMW and my current 2002 Aprilia Futura. All 3 of those bikes had/have far better overall wind protection (the Aprilia and that K bike could cause speedometer double takes - whoa, need to slow down!) And even though their screens are taller, there's still lots of roar to deal with. Before the MRA screen, my Arai was quiet enough that I could get away w/o ear plugs. Not anymore.
On thing that does help a bit with the noise was adding a piece of Saeng Edging to the top - this stuff https://www.saeng.com/product.php?id=581 Only had about 8" left, but even that helped quiet things down a touch. The rest is on the Futura.

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