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How to: Installing a radiator guard


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This is not much of a 'how to' because in doesn't involve much work. But is is an upgrade everybody needs to consider because it takes no time at all to damage the bare radiator fins.
I ordered a SMoto radiator guard on eBay last week and it took no time to get here. 
I then proceeded cleaning up the bike and git rid of all the accumulated bugs and dirt.
I used a tooth pick to realign the fins as much as possible.
You will need to remove two bolts on each side and take off the plastic radiator sidings to expose the radiator.
The guard fit slides right over the brackets.
Then align the holes and proceed with mounting the plastic side panels.
Job done. Easy pleasy lemon squeezy. 
I really like the result. Some prefer a guard that covers the top of the radiator but with my frame is silver so the top compliments the rest of the bike. 

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Thanks for the post Guru.
After looking at how easy this was to install I bought the Rad Guard, but it mounts with 2 tabs on the radiator mounts left and right, unlike yours that mounts where the side covers attach. I had to undo one more bolt on the right side, slide the radiator to the right so it came off the top and left mounting pins, then fit the guard on the left pin before sliding the radiator back on. This required two people to do this! I then put the bolt through the guard and into the radiator mount on the right side and re-fitted the radiator side covers.
From memory the plastic radiator side covers use a 5mm Allen key and the extra bolt I had to undo used a 10mm socket.

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Excellent information folks. First thing I noticed after a couple of rides on the FZ was how the radiator fins were getting bent by small rocks or debris. This seems to be a "must have" item. How much does the price translate to in dollars since the SM guard is listed in pounds? Also, how long did it take to get it? Thanks

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Thanks. If I remember it well it was just under $100 Canadian or $85 US (shipping included). And it took about a week to arrive in Canada. I was actually surprised because I ordered something else in the US at the same time and it took a week longer.

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Mine took six days, it was $82 USD shipped. Looks nice, a bit tight on the install, but not too bad.

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