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Cycle Guys tail bag review


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As the title says this is a review of the cycke guys tail bag. I originally found the bag on eBay but then found it cheaper on Amazon and with prime account free shipping. I ended up saving $13 and got it pretty quick.
Overall: I like the bag and will do what I need it to. Expands and sips up nicely even with half cover still inside. Can even use seat for passenger with bag attached.
Attachememt: hooks up to the rear seat with a spandex and two crossing Velcro straps. There is some movement side to side on the seat. I would not put anything heavy in the bag as it might move around to much.
Capacity: plenty of room for spare shoes (8-10 size) or a jacket liner, bike cover or even two six packs (but would use additional tie down). Could easily pack in a change of clothes for quick weekend trip.

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Thanks for the review. CycleGuys makes at least 7 sizes in this bag, do you know which one you got? I think the #3 is supposed to fit the 07. It's still so new that no one seems to know for sure. Would a spare helmet faceshield and a quart size bottle of water fit in there ok?

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Another choice out there in luggage......Nelson-Rigg stuff looks pretty spanky......http://nelsonrigg.com/store/Nelson-Rigg_CL_Luggage.aspx

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Looks big enough to put a small cooler of beer into, excellent!! Can't wait to get mine! I'll give a review on the beer later.


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