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MIVV Oval Titanium with Carbon Cap (Full System)


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Recently installed the a full system from MIVV (Oval Titanium with Carbon Cap) which you can view in detail on the MIVV site. They have a video of the dyno run so you can listen as well as see what the exhaust looks like installed on the bike.
MIVV posts all kinds of technical information about each system that fits the FZ-07 (you have to search for the European model MT-07). To see the different systems available for our bikes, go here. Plenty of choices to fit your needs, some have more HP, some have different looks.
I left the Db killer in the exhaust outlet and did not install the 2nd Db killer they provide which slips into the muffler inlet end. The exhaust is NOT loud and does provide more sonic feedback so rev matching on downshifts are much better.
Installation is straight forward just like the other name brands full exhaust systems for our bike.
The prices on the MIVV website are in Euros and when you convert to USD they seem to be price competitive. I managed to place my order with PJ's Parts and got a price that was even better, but unfortunately Paige has closed down her parts business so I'm not sure who will become the MIVV distributor in the US.
I did combine the full system with the Two Wheel Dyno Works ECU flash (spec'd the MIVV full system, stock airbox with snorkel removed, stock airfilter) and I'm very satisfied with the results. I cannot tell you how the MIVV feels without the reflash as I did it all at the same time.
Like others have noted after getting the reflash is that the bike is easier to ride smoothly, but what surprised me was that I found 5th and 6th gears are now usable gear ratios. With the stock setup I would find myself cruising a lot in 5th as 6th felt more like a true overdrive since the engine didn't seem comfortable except at higher speeds. After the mods I was finding myself cruising in 6th gear as the engine was just running stronger and more response in top gear.

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15 hours ago, huladog said:

Hey, PJ, glad you're back in business! How's Tucson treating you?




   You got me confused with my Ex. - that was Paige, who got the previous business in a divorce 3 years ago, this is PJ, who started the original Business, and now that Paige quit it (but wouldn't sell my name back to me),  I'm back in, and still here in East Tn where I belong.

   No worries, I do things as well as ever, just busy and wishing I had more ride time. You can find us in the vendors area - sportbikes4hireshop.

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Oops, yeah got PJ and Paige mixed up!


Good to know you can still get the MIVV stuff, I found the quality to be very good especially considering the price compared to Yoshimura and Akra.


And I noticed you're carrying the Matris suspension stuff, too! I had been searching for a supplier and now my problems are solved.



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