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First start used engine swap


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Hey all! I couldn't find any specific help on this.
My 2016 fz-07 went down with 300 miles on it.
- Swapped in a used motor with 3600 miles
- tomorrow will be installing new stator and cover as new engine came without
Mainly just looking for help with initial startup, should I purge the oil? Etc..
Side note, will run open pod filters , stock exhaust for now
This site is awesome and can't wait to meet some people to ride with! Thank you!

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Welcome to the club/site. 
I would absolutely start with fresh fluids and filters, it's cheap insurance.
Out of curiosity, you say your bike went down, was your motor damaged seriously enough to require replacement? Why not transfer stator from original motor to replacement?  Pretty straight forward proceedure otherwise. Pod filters can be somewhat troublesome from a tuning standpoint. These bikes run better with either some form of the stock airbox or the Hord option which was also developed through extensive testing like the factory one. 

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Has above if you're really keen turn it on the starter with the plugs out get the oil round
but to be honest I would just start it keep the revs down and monitor the oil light and engine
temp, run for a few min then shut it down and check round for leaks.

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"Went down" can you elaborate why your engine blew?

Got new red 2015 FZ-07 on 7/22/16!
Black 2006 Honda ST1300 53K miles.

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According to a previous thread about a motorcycles oil viscosity being sheared to half at just 1500 miles I would have to say it should be changed if you don't know when it was changed last. It may not be critical, it's still getting lubrication but it could affect the overall life of your engine.


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Change all the fluids. Cheap insurance for your brand new power plant. Get it running, check for leaks, and after 1k or so, change it all again. That would be me, YMMV.

'16 FZ07

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