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Attempted Theft in Smyrna GA Last Night Headsup


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Guys and Gals, it seems some lowlife has decided to go after my fz last night between 3 am and 10am. I came home at 3am. It was parked in the Smyrna area, the lowlifes tried to break into the ignition to pop the steering wheel lock and get the key to turn. They failed, key still works, but they did pop off the cover for around the ignition switch which I have to replace. Luckily I had my Xena 15 on the front and I think thats what scared them away because it would keep going off as they messed with the top and they wouldn't be able to ride off like they were attempting to do expensive lock but just payed for itself. From now own its chained to a wall with the wall anchor I bought last week and the xena. 

Just wanted to give you guys and gals a reminder that we must always be vigilant of the lowlife thefts. 

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On the one hand, a motorcycle cover is a pretty good theft deterrent.


On the other hand, the advent of the battery-powered angle grinder means that no cable, chain, or lock can't be defeated in just a few minutes. Obviously a grinder requires either privacy or great boldness due to the noise and sparks but a thief with an armed lookout isn't going to be overly worried.


Before I had a house with a garage, I always parked my bikes in my living room. A motorcycle left out in the open screams "steal me" to people who make criminal behavior a lifestyle choice.

I was tortured by the Japanese during the war, Jack. Not a pretty story. Strange thing is they make such bloody good cameras.

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