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Ali Express header with slip on?


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It was just a link to a header on Ali Express. In any case if you search MT07 exhaust there you can find it.  It's a header with a loop at the end and it allows the use of a slip on (they have straight ones too).  I'm assuming the loop is to give extra length for back pressure?  Not real savvy on these things.


Here's a link to same thing on eBay...maybe this'll work better.  http://www.ebay.ca/itm/Exhaust-Modified-Scooter-Pipe-Slip-On-System-For-Yamaha-FZ-07-MT-07-XSR700-14-17-/272746082827?hash=item3f80eef20b:g:zhcAAOSw1BlZWdG0&vxp=mtr


Anyways, was wondering if anyone has used one of these with one of the Chinese or even a name brand slip on?  I've seen one or two good reviews of these cheap setups, but not sure about how long they last compared with the name brand stuff.

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I don't know about the loop adding back pressure but it does increase the tuned length of the pipe they just loop it for space saving. The loop will also increase the "scavenging" effect of the exhaust. I raced go carts years ago when the flat head briggs engines were still dominate, we ran looped pipes on them and they did provide more power when compared to a traditional straight open header. They had all kinds of looped pipes with different size loops for different power ranges, low med and top end.


Check out my thread where I built an exhaust. I bought a chinese universal muffler off ebay but the tubing and welding I did custom myself.


As for your M4 slip on question. You cut the headers in pretty much the same spot I did and the M4 comes with a Y pipe/mid pipe and it just slips on and clamps. There's a few install vids on Youtube.

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