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Plug or New Tire


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I have plugged two car tires with something that looks like a thick shoelace and ordinary rubber patch glue during the past couple of years. You thread the string through an eye not unlike a needle, push it through the hole doubled up, twist a 1/4-turn to rip the string inside the tyre, and withdraw the needle. The first was a Michelin and I felt good enough about it. The second was a Goodyear, and the tyre is so soft it feels more like an inner tube than a prober tyre! The plug actually pushed the rubber and steel belt apart and took up a lot of space. Didn't feel too good about it, especially since the tyre have absolutely zero supporting structure in case of a flat, but the plug has now been in there for 2000 miles. The tyre will be replaced before next season - it's time to put on winter tyres here anyway - but to me it proves that plugs will likely be safer than you think unless you plan to drive or ride rather fast and/or in hot conditions.


Still, it does make sense to stop for a moment and ponder if you consider your life worth 150-200 bucks that a new tyre likely will cost, or if you think the price is steep enough that it is worth playing a bit with your own safety. Personally, I like to push the envelope a bit and have lots of scars to prove it 😜



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Plugs, Shoestring plugs are to get you home.

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